Caring For Your Smile With Braces In Colorado Springs

Woman with braces smiles

Brushing with braces takes a bit of effort. It definitely won’t be the most fun you have in your day. But it’s a must. The American Dental Association confirms good oral hygiene with braces is important. They recommend you brush regularly (as much as you dentist recommends), floss daily, and schedule regular dental visits to keep teeth healthy. In this …

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Invisalign – A Clear Alternative From Your Dentist In Colorado Springs

Remember the braces that looked like train tracks on teeth? The ones you couldn’t hide if you tried? Invisalign® from our dentist in Colorado Springs can change how you feel about orthodontics. At the office of Roger Humphreys, DDS we’re proud to provide removable, clear aligners by Invisalign. This innovative treatment could be exactly what you’re looking for. Some of …

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