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Family Dentistry Colorado Springs, CO

If you are searching for a reputable, reliable family dentistry practice in Colorado Springs, CO, look no further than Roger Humphreys, DDS. Finding a reliable family dentist can be a difficult task; patients want to feel comfortable with their dentist and want to know they are getting the care needed to maintain good oral health. From routine cleanings to fillings, braces, tooth extractions and more, Roger Humphreys, DDS and their team of dental experts ensure that your family is in good hands. Our promise is to provide each and every patient with safe, effective family dentistry treatments in Colorado Springs in order to help you maintain your beautiful smile.

At Roger Humphreys, DDS, we firmly believe that dental care is a life-long endeavor, which is why we’ve committed ourselves to creating a family dentistry practice that gives personalized care and attention to patients both young and old. With our team of experienced and dedicated dental professionals, our Colorado Springs practice strives to continually provide the utmost in care and patient satisfaction.

Our family dentistry practice has grown over the years because we offer well-rounded, family-oriented dental care in a comfortable atmosphere. Our experience and expertise can put Colorado Springs patients at ease and help them with virtually any dental condition. We invite your entire family to visit Roger Humphreys, DDS. Their qualified team can help you achieve the healthy, beautiful smile you deserve.

As a family dentistry practice in Colorado Springs, CO, Roger Humphreys, DDS provides patients with a wide variety of dental treatments:

· Cleanings and Examinations
· Crowns and Bridges
· Dentures and Partials
· Orthodontics
· Extractions
· Dental Implants
· Extractions
· Teeth Whitening
· Root Canal Therapy
· Periodontal Therapy
· Pediatric Dentistry
· Cosmetic Dentistry
· Dental Implants

Feel confident that at Roger Humphreys, DDS, your dental experience will always be a pleasant one. If you or someone in your family are ever in need of a family dentistry practice in the Colorado Springs, Colorado area, contact us today and see how we can help you.

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