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Absolutely fabulous office! I have worked in the dental field previously for 30 years and can speak from experience....this is the place to be for your oral health care at all levels. I know what to look for in an office and this exceeded my expectations. Every single person has an approach that screams compassion, knowledge, and effectiveness in their perspective positions. This is a team working together serving the Colorado Springs community. The ambiance of the office reflects the personality of each person and the care you will receive. The relationships you will gain are an added bonus to complete the experience! Definitely will not be disappointed!


The staff is wonderful and kind and they always talk me through everything they're doing. Great place!


Everyone at Roger Humphreys DDS is just as nice as can be. They're professional but not in a condescending way, and they'll actually sit and spend time with you while they explain everything to you in detail. I just love this place!


Our checkin/checkout process was very quick which makes them easier to work with. I rarely have to wait for longer than 10 min before I get my teeth done. They are very quick and organized.


Dr. Roger Humphreys is a standout dentist. Not only does he do good work, he actually follows up with his patients. When I had major work done he called me that night to check in. I really appreciate that.

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1920 Vindicator Drive, Suite 209
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